I would like to say that book reviews are more important than a person may think. It could be the Lifeline (yes pun intended) of the longevity of the books and the author’s visibility in the vast Bookverse.

Reviews can definitely be considered a form of literary criticism, and every single word written is valuable to the author.  The written opinions about a particular book(s), in this case for me it’s my journey series LIFELINES & BLOODLINES, help me to get better every time I sit down and want to write a story. Obviously a good review makes me feel on top of the world too.

For those people who usually are hesitant to write reviews because though they enjoyed the book, they don’t know how or what to write, I would like to tell them not to worry because book reviews can be brief or long. Just a few words are as valuable as a long paragraph. They can critique and/or summarize the book and they can be written by readers as well as professional book reviewers. In my opinion, I believe that reader reviews tend to be more personal, focusing on the individual reader’s experience while reading the book. But since my readers can have such widely differing views of the same book, it is valuable for all involved when a book has a variety of reader reviews available.

I would therefore like to ask you to enrich the reading experience of my books by leaving a short (or even a long one, I won’t complain heh heh!) at Amazon or Ausxip Publishing (links given below).



Thanks in advance. I genuinely look forward to all of your opinions!