“In a land saturated with millennia of history and the burden of very conservative social and religious views, two young women seek to pursue careers in areas that are not common at that time for those of their gender. One is committed to becoming a physician and is one of the first in her country to attend a new all-female medical college. The other believes in the role that the law plays in protecting the lives and welfare of others. These two extraordinary women find each other in the heat and desert air of the Indus Valley, and as each strives to achieve within their chosen professions, they come to find that their dedication to the welfare of others has led them to discovering a loving, supportive relationship in a society that is not supportive of either of their careers or of the love they have found.
Dr. Sarah and Inspector Tanya are drawn together by the medical challenges that Sarah faces and the legal demands that Tanya must fulfill. As they face a series of sometimes painful and even tragic situations together, their relationship grows until they realize that for them to meet the needs of their own hearts, they must find a new way.
Dr. Shireen Magedin has brought the reality of living in Sindh, the Indus Valley of Pakistan, being women in socially unconventional careers, facing the harsh reality of death, abuse, and corruption, while finding love in a socially constrained society to life in LIFELINES. Her own experiences through medical school, and in living both in Sindh and in Europe bring a gritty realism to this book, while tempering it with the gentle story of Dr. Sarah’s constant, loving and supportive relationship that grows over time with the dedicated Police Inspector who is the love of her life. As these two face the reality of their lives, they find succor in one another when times are rough – and I found the realism and perception of the author in both the growth of the relationship and the harsh reality of medical school and law enforcement in a male dominated society to be compelling.”
–  Review by Taylor Rickard, Bestselling Author “Words Heard in Silence” and “Redmond Family Saga”