I am incredibly happy to let my readers know that the exciting sequel to LIFELINES is now available. I am so thrilled that I was able to write BLOODLINES. It was rattling around in my head for a while, and as a friend of mine jokingly said, the words just flowed from my fingers!

The story of the intrepid duo as I call them starts from an uncomfortable stalking to a harrowing kidnapping in London.

Their strange travels take them to the picturesque northern areas of Pakistan whose beauty rivals the alps of Austria and Switzerland. but the underlying raw anarchy creates unforeseen situations that Dr. Sarah and Agent Tanya must extricate themselves out of.

Medical emergencies, paranormal incidents, missed transportation of several unusual types, and the anxiety of being caught spices up the story of their journey back home. But the question arises… will their friendship and love be able to survive the escalating tension?

Come join me on their journey. Come and live their adventure. With BLOODLINES.