Pre-Order Lifelines!

AUSXIP Publishing Announcement:

We are pleased to announce you can now pre-order Shireen Magedin’s debut novel “Lifelines” from the AUSXIP Publishing Store or via Amazon. Lifelines will be released on January 25, 2022 in ebook and print editions


eBook Pre-Order – 25 January 2022

It’s 1975 in Nawabshah, Pakistan. Sarah and Tanya have fallen in love in an ancient land. Can they withstand the fierce opposition to their forbidden love in a city of deeply held beliefs and cultural traditions?

The world is changing, but not fast enough for Tanya Kareem. Her promotion to police inspector sends her to Nawabshah, where she will have to prove herself and take a leading role in a man’s world.

Sarah Shahzad Shah’s passion for learning and compassion for her patients make her a brilliant doctor in training. But she possesses psychic abilities that she doesn’t know how to master… yet. Those gifts will come in handy when she handles some of her more puzzling cases that lead her to Inspector Tanya Kareem.

Their journey is just beginning.